Why We Love Personalized Irish Gifts

A slew of celebrities such as Cillian Murphy and Saoirse Ronan have shown the rest of the world that there is more to Irish names than Patrick and Kathleen. Irish names such as Aidan and Riley are now popular in the USA and Canada, and parents who want a distinctive name have a wealth of beautiful choices such as Aoife or Siobhan for girls or Diarmuid or Oisin for boys. These names are rich in meaning, and really are Irish gifts that will be carried for life, perhaps for generations. People love Irish names, but it is not always easy to find things with the name already on them. This is made trickier because many Irish names have a few spelling options. Dara, for example, can be spelled Daragh, Darragh, Darrach or Daire. Good luck finding a key ring with the right option!
It might not be possible to find items with many Irish names on them in gift shops, but it is possible to order personalized Irish gifts for the special Sorcha or Senan in your life. Whether you want a stunning present for Caoimhe’s christening or a personalized hoody that will keep Fintan from freezing, you can order it and never worry that someone else is getting them the same thing. Choose elegant jewelry for Emer or a water bottle no one will rob from Ruairi. When you opt for personalized gifts, you can be sure the name will be exactly, precisely right.
The Option of Ogham
If you want personalized Irish gifts that really stand out, you can opt for something that uses the ancient Celtic Ogham writing instead of the modern alphabet. Ogham was carved on stone markers by our ancient ancestors; it dates back to at least 500 AD. About 400 remaining instances of ancient Ogham carved into stone have been discovered in Ireland and Great Britain. Ogham was also used in Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and the Isle of Mann – all regions with their own dialect of Gaelic.
Each of the 25 symbols in the script consists of a vertical line with horizontal marks across it. The location, angle and number of horizontal marks differs for each sound in the language. The symbols have names, as our letters do today, but their names come from nature. Trees and shrubs were very important to pre-Christian Ireland, and the characters of Ogham are named after them. C, for example, is called ‘coll’ – the Irish word for ‘hazel tree’.
Personalized Irish gifts available with ogham include jewelry and wall hangings. What better way to welcome a wee one into the world than with a framed print of the baby with his or her name in Ogham? A framed photo of a couple with their names in Ogham is a very special wedding or anniversary gift. And a copper angel personalized with your name more than makes up for a lack of plastic key rings and coin purses with your name on them!