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Your one-stop online store for all things Irish. Based in Dublin, Ireland, IrishShop is best known for dazzling collections of fine Celtic and Irish jewelry in gold and sterling silver. We're also the place to buy Irish gifts of every kind. Select the perfect jewelry gift, Irish t-shirt or hoodie sweatshirt for a special friend. An Irish family crest to proclaim your own heritage. Authentic Irish pub decor and glasses for a perfect St. Patrick's Day party or finely crafted gifts from Belleek vases to Galway Crystal for a distinctly Irish Christmas birthday or other Irish gift occasion. If it's Irish jewelry you seek, our online jewelry store offers endless possibilities. Beautifully crafted Claddagh rings and necklaces, Irish wedding rings and bands, Celtic crosses, pendants, shamrock earrings, trinity knot rings and more. If Irish clothing is on your list, select from our hundreds of Irish t-shirts tweed caps and hats emblazoned with your favorite Irish phrases like Sláinte, or personalized clothing displaying your family crest or Irish coat of arms Choose a luxurious Aran wool cardigan sweater or one of our authentic Guinness shirts. At we've been in business for over 15 years providing reliable, secure online shopping to customers in Ireland, in the USA and all around the world. With a catalog more than 2,000 Irish jewelry and gift ideas, you're sure to find what you need. Happy online shopping! Blog

Toasty Traditional Textiles of Ireland

Living on a cold, damp island gives people an appreciation of cozy warm textiles. The Irish have been battling the elements forever, so we've got a good idea of how to stay warm when the wind and rain are raging outside. Long before today's high function, weather-proof clothing technology, the Irish developed techniques for weaving and knitting to create clothing that protected from the cold, wind and rain. These textiles and garments have lived on because first, they work and second, they are gorgeous. Irish textiles have more character than today's......Read more >>

Symbols of Autumn Equinox in Ireland

The ancient Celts followed the movement of the sun and moon carefully. They knew exactly when the seasons changed, when the days started to grow and shrink. And they marked these important occasions, even building structures with enormous precision to allow light to fill the interior when the sun was in specific positions. Autumn equinox is one of those occasions they feted, and their monuments to these events inspire the designs popular on many Irish gifts today. Equinox, the day when we have an equal amount of daylight and dark hours,......Read more >>

Traditional Boats of Ireland

As an island, the sea is never too far no matter where in Ireland you might be. And generation after generation, we have crossed it in search of adventure and fortune. Wanderlust is one of our Irish gifts along with charm and humor. Maybe it explains our cultural value on hospitality. We are wanderers, visitors, newcomers all around the globe. And when we stay put in Ireland, we still head out to the sea. Fishing is a deeply rooted part of Irish culture and commerce. Our grandparents and great-grandparents regularly travelled......Read more >>

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