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Irish Turf Gifts

This turf peat is cut from the bogs located in Falcarragh, Co Donegal.Turf peat has been burned in the fireplaces of the Irish for hundreds of years like wood in the US and many other countries. It is an unique product which is spaded by hand or cut by machine from the bogs.The bog lands are areas that consist of thousands of years of layers of leaves, herbs, and roots, which have turned into peat (also known as turf). They go back as far as the ice age. The turf peat is 100% organic, totally non toxic, and gives BBQ foods its own delicious smell and flavor.Bring back the Memories with turf peat Incense. Brighten your Patio with Irish turf peat torches. Smoke your Barbecue meats with our Irish turf peat Chips. Buy our new BBQ sauce, BBQ Goo made with Irish whiskey.