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Irish Crystal

Heritage Irish Crystal, Waterford City, Ireland from Heritage Irish Crystal Waterford on Vimeo.

Having spent 30 years working for Waterford Crystal, Joe Williams left in 1989 to pursue excellence in the traditional manufacturing methods of mouth blown and hand cut crystal. Pursuant to this objective he set up his own production unit in 1990 and quickly built up a solid reputation for excellent quality design.

Today, Heritage Irish Crystal is truly a family run organisation operating from a studio factory in Waterford City where the time honoured tradition of Irish crystal achieves new heights of excellence. In a small studio factory on the south-east coast of Ireland, the time honoured tradition of Irish crystal achieves new heights of excellence. Here, the skilled artisans of Heritage Irish Crystal - a company dedicated to preserving the highest standards in traditional manufacturing methods of mouth-blown and hand-cut crystal - produce breathtakingly beautiful crystal products that can only be described as works of Art. By drawing on over 200 years experience of glass making in Ireland, Heritage Irish Crystal make the finest full-lead crystal (over 30% lead) by dedicated master craftsmen.

Each piece is hand produced with tools that have changed little from those used two centuries ago. Heritage Irish Crystal sparkles like diamonds and is of exceptional brilliance. Each piece will hold a special place in the hearts of discerning collectors of these beautiful products. Truly, they are destined to become cherished heirlooms of tomorrow