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Celtic Watch - 'Rhiannon' Celtic Knot Watch

$134.95 Ladies silver-plated oblong 1.25 inch Celitc Watch. Dustproof construction, nickel free case and a stainless steel back. Japanese quartz movement. Blue leather band. Dial: Celtic interlacing endless blue pattern on a white background. Please allow up to 5 days for watch to dispatch even with our express shipping service.Rhiannon: (Welsh) Mistress of the Singing Birds. She was first seen by Pwyll, a chieftan of Dyfed, as a beautiful woman in brocaded golden silks riding a white steed. The two fell in love, however her fiancée Gwawl was not impressed and his enraged father put a spell on the Pwyll household. Rhiannon and Pwyll had a son Pryderi, who vanished. She was blamed, and spent seven years telling her story to all comers and then bearing them, like a horse, into the court. Pryderi was restored later but the spells continued. Rhiannon had her own magical skills, the singing of her birds was said to be able to wake the dead and put the living to sleep. Made in Dublin, Ireland by Rovada.


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