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It’s that time of year when everyone is busy in their gardens and also trying to see what little addition they can make to it and we would love to help you with our Irish Garden Gifts here. It doesn’t matter if you have an acre of land to play with or a windowsill, anyone can create a little Irish garden to be proud of.

While we’re best known for the many shades of green in the fields, Ireland also loves color. In the city, it’s on the gorgeous Georgian doors. In the countryside, it’s in the quirky gardens of whitewashed and cut stone cottages. While the thatched roofs pictured in many Irish gifts are dwindling in number, the delightful cottage gardens are booming and blooming from Mayo to Cork and all points in between.

The traditional Irish country cottage isn’t complete without beds of bright wildflowers with little paths weaving through them and window boxes bursting with blooms.

What makes up a traditional Irish garden?

It’s an informal, low-maintenance garden with no strict rules. Flowers, herbs and vegetables all have their place here. It welcomes bees, butterflies, birds and even an occasional hare or hedgehog. We have Irish gifts for the garden for all of them.  An Irish garden is a bit wild and whimsical. It’s the sort of place you wouldn’t be surprised to catch a glimpse of a fairy or leprechaun.

A simple brick or stone path might lead from the gate to the house door, with deep borders of a cheerful mix of flowers on either side. Unlike more formal gardens, an Irish garden doesn’t segregate the flowers. Different colors and plants crowd in together. Roses are common, especially on a trellis. A few trees and shrubs are scattered, usually around the edges. Holly, which is native to Ireland, is popular. Apple trees are common too.

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What to Plant in Your Traditional Irish Garden?

If your area has a climate similar to Ireland, you can plant some of the same things. But even if you are somewhere warmer and drier, you can achieve the same look with plants native to your area. Here are some suggestions for how you can achieve the Irish county cottage garden look.

  • Maybe a traditional dry stone wall isn’t an option, but you can make raised beds with large stones. Or you can stack big stones as a backdrop to your flower beds to invoke the look of the Irish countryside.
  • Some of the most popular flowers in Irish cottage gardens are poppies, primrose, bluebells, snowdrops, blue borage, lupin, and lavender.
  • If possible in your climate, plant some holly for greenery all year and some heather to keep the color going longer.
  • Window boxes are important, but they don’t have to be boxes. Old kettles or teapots that have cracks in the bottom make a fun alternative.
  • Whimsy and magic are key here, so why not add some Irish garden ornaments? Your visitors can honestly say they saw a leprechaun in your garden if you invite one there. (Leprechaun garden ornaments are great Irish gifts for friends too!)
  • Herbs such as parsley, rosemary, mint and chives can go near the back door for easy access when cooking.


Your garden can be the perfect place to relax with a Maeve Binchy novel or a book of Seamus Heaney poetry. Enjoy tea and scones there with friends. And dream of when you can visit Ireland.

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