Make a DIY Irish Pub at Home

These are difficult times. That vacation in Ireland you’ve dreamed of has to be delayed, and an
evening at your local Irish pub spent worrying about how to drink your pint while wearing a mask
simply is not relaxing. So what can you do? You can put the Irish gifts of creativity, resourcefulness,
determination and humor to work. With those and a few supplies, you can create your own Irish pub
style home bar. Invite a few close friends over if that is safe, or just enjoy it with your own family. It
can be in your rec room, man cave, patio or breakfast nook. You can make it a permanent feature, or
just decorate for special occasions. If there is one trait that defines Irish culture, it is the ability to
have a good time during very hard times.
What makes a great Irish pub? How can you bring that feeling to life at home? The most critical thing
is your determination to have fun. But you will also need a few pieces of décor, some pint glasses
and some great music. Here’s some popular Irish gifts that can transform a corner of your home into
a cosy, traditional Irish pub.
What You’ll Need in Your Irish Pub at Home
You don’t need to do a major renovation or paint or install a bar. It’s the details that make an Irish
pub. Whether you live in a hot, dry climate or one as rainy as Ireland doesn’t matter. You don’t need
to make a big investment, but a few basic pieces put together can create a fantastic atmosphere and
transport your imagination across the sea.

  • Pint Glasses – Is it even possible to enjoy a proper pint without a proper pint glass? The
    classic shape really does enhance the flavor of stout. And of course, it also enhances the look
    of your own Irish pub. Take things to the next level by getting them personalized with your
    family coat of arms.
  • Coasters – Details are important here, and having a set of Celtic coasters under those pint
    glasses completes the look. You have a great range of options here, from shamrocks to
    knotwork and more. These can also be personalized with the name of your home ‘pub’.
  • Wall Decorations – If you have the space where you are creating your own Irish pub at
    home, you can even decorate like a real Irish pub. What suits the mood you want? A
    personalized pub sign that matches your coasters or a framed print of a classic Irish pub

Once you have these basics in place, all you need is your favorite beverage, some great Irish music
and maybe a few friends. Whether you go for some classic trad, ballads from the Wolf Tones or
something more modern like U2 or The Cranberries, the real joy is the banter and laugh you’ll have
with your nearest and dearest in your own Irish ‘pub’ at home. And decorating with a few Irish gifts
is what makes it different from just having a few beers at home.

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Make a DIY Irish Pub at Home
What makes a great Irish pub? How can you bring that feeling to life at home?