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Nature’s Irish Gifts Are Getting Some Overdue Respect

The love of nature is part of our Irish heritage, although it has been all but ignored at times. But the times are changing, and Ireland’s natural beauty is getting more respect these days. Even before the pandemic, Irish people were embracing staycations to appreciate the gorgeous scenery that draws visitors from around the world. Rewilding projects and wildlife conservation projects are getting more attention and support. People have also been taking a better look at their own wee patch of land, and Irish gifts for the home are more geared toward the outdoor space, whether it is an apartment balcony, a patio or a large garden.

Our ancestors loved and respected nature. The ancient Irish believed that different species of tree had their own spiritual characters. Druid priests gathered at oak trees, which were associated with wisdom and truth. Brehon law, the ancient legal system, divided trees and shrubs into four classes. Damaging trees was a crime, and the punishment was based on the tree’s classification. The tree of life is an important Celtic symbol used in Celtic jewelry and decoration that is rooted in this heritage.

Nature’s Enduring Magic

Ireland’s countryside has always been alive with magic. St Patrick might have driven out the snakes, but the leprechauns, fairies, banshees and other mythological creatures stayed put. They might not be a feature of life in Dublin or Belfast, but outside the urban areas, belief lingers. Farmers who depend on wifi won’t plough over a fairy fort in a field. Roads have been routed around fairy trees. It’s bad luck to anger the fairies and leprechauns.

It’s also good luck to welcome them. Fairies and leprechauns are moody creatures, quick to take offense but also quick to reward kindness. That’s why fairy houses and leprechaun ornaments are such popular Irish gifts for the home and garden. Irish people visit fairy trees and festoon them with trinkets such as bits of cloth or clothing to seek good luck and healing.

Contemporary Irish Gifts for the Home

If you want to invite a bit of luck into your own home or if you’re looking for a charming gift, lawn ornaments featuring leprechauns are a great choice. Cleverly doubling as a bird feeder, solar light or planter, a cheeky leprechaun brings an air of magic and mischief to any garden.

Fairy walks are a popular outing for Irish families. Children delight in following wooded trails and discovering fairy houses along the way. Adding a fairy door or house to your own home is a fun way to invite that magic and wonder to be part of your life every day.

These Irish gifts are perfect for weddings, house warmings and birthdays. They’re also great for bringing a touch of old country charm to your own Irish garden. If you’re looking forward to entertaining in your garden or just relaxing there, why not include a leprechaun or some fairies?