What Will You Wear to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

March is an unpredictable month in most of the world.  They say it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  The problem is that in the middle, you never know if the day ahead will be a lion or a lamb.  St. Patrick’s Day is right in the middle of the month, making it very hard to predict the weather.  Some might claim that fortune telling is one of our Irish gifts, but Mother Nature has a way of keeping us guessing.  The trick is to wear layers – and to make sure each layer is right for St. Patrick’s Day.

Start with a good cotton t-shirt.  It should either be green or have a green design.  It might not be seen, but you’re better to be safe than sorry!  And even if it is cold outside, you just might find yourself in a crowded pub, where it is too warm to wear your Irish hoody.  If you are pretty sure you won’t be encountering t-shirt temperature conditions, what about a rugby shirt?  Rugby is enormously popular in Ireland and the Six Nations games capture the island’s attention.  An Irish rugby shirt is warmer than a t-shirt, but it won’t be too warm for most of North America.  T-shirts and rugby shirts with Irish designs are also great Irish gifts.

What If the Weather Is Really Irish?

With some parts of North America getting snow in March, it makes sense to be prepared to bundle up warm on St. Patrick’s Day.  A snuggly fleece will protect you from the cold as you stand along the parade route.  If something warmer and more dramatic is more your cuppa tea, what about a Celtic cape?  An Irish wool cape is a beautiful way to stay warm watching the parade and a stunning statement piece if you are going out on the town that night.

If you’re expecting what we’d call a soft day, something between a mist and a drizzle, you might want a hat too.  What’s your style?  A baseball cap or a traditional tweed cap?  A brim will keep the rain off your face.  And of course, if it is dry but really cold, a wool hat is the perfect accessory.

With the weather being so prone to change, it makes sense to bring a sturdy tote bag to carry any layers you don’t need and a snack too.  You can even get a personalized one with an Irish theme.  You’re not likely to lose a tote bag with your family crest on it!  These are also a wonderful ice breaker.  You could run into some distant cousins at the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

If you are looking for some perfect Irish gifts for St. Patrick’s Day, you can’t go wrong with t-shirts, rugby shirts, hoodies or jackets.  These are all a great way to celebrate Ireland every day of the year, and they are wardrobe essentials for our big day.