Irish Gifts to Welcome Leprechauns to Your Garden

Spring is here, and for many of us that means it is time to get outside.  For garden lovers, it is at last time to put down the seed catalogues and inspiring photos and get to work.  Cultivating 40 shades of green in your own back yard can be relaxing and rewarding.  But as any gardener knows, strange and mysterious things can happen out there.  Birds might devour your wildflower seeds.  An unexpected plant might appear, and you won’t know for weeks if it is a new weed or a stunning surprise.  Gardening is a bit magical.  So why not welcome some magical friends into your garden?

Leprechauns enjoy the outdoors and are rarely found inside human houses.  They do, however, enjoy their own little homes.  While some contemporary images show them as being about the same size as a small child, those are fanciful.  Earlier accounts from Ireland describe leprechauns as being about the size of a mouse.  That is great news if you are considering putting a wee house in the yard for any visiting leprechauns. 

The wee folk do appreciate kindness and consideration.  They look favorably upon those who assist them.  If they find you a nuisance, however, they are quick to take action.  And if they discover you trying to cheat them of anything they consider rightfully theirs, their sense of mischief can turn to malice very quickly!

Three Wishes for Irish Gifts for the Garden

But will leprechauns grant you three wishes?  It’s rare, actually.  People have reported leprechauns granting wishes after being rescued.  So if you find a leprechaun in distress and save him from disaster, then he might grant you a wish or two.  Maybe three, but don’t push your luck.  They are frankly more than a little cantankerous.  And they have a decidedly twisted sense of humor.  When you are dealing with leprechauns, it is more a matter of avoiding their wrath than gaining any wishes. 

Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to make them comfortable.  A little Irish hospitality does it.  They enjoy having other little creatures around, particularly birds.  So bird feeders are a nice gesture.  In addition to attracting some company for the leprechauns, a bird feeder shows them that you are a thoughtful person who knows how to welcome guests.  A bird feeder shows leprechauns that you know a proper cead mile failte involves some nourishment.

Having leprechauns in your garden does pose one serious hazard.  If you step on one, you can expect to deal with some serious revenge.  They are a bit touchy about their size, and stepping on them not only hurts, it reminds them of how much larger you are.  And once they start thinking about that, they become obsessed with finding a way to cut you down to size so to speak.  If you are inclined to potter about in the garden around dusk, you’d want to have some soft lighting so you can see any leprechauns.

If you have any leprechaun-loving friends, you can find some very practical Irish gifts to help them welcome the wee people their gardens.  A little leprechaun house is a great one, just don’t call it a fairy house.  Remember, leprechauns are very, very sensitive and jealous.  A bird feeder and a solar light are also wonderful Irish gifts to let the leprechauns know they are welcome visitors.