3 Things Make ‘Me Time’ Tea Time, Irish Style


If you are a parent, congratulations on getting through the craziness of summer.  Now that the children are back in school, you deserve a break.  If you’re a teacher, you are back on the job doing so much more than most people realize.  You’re facing a room of full of children with needs that go far beyond academics and trying to teach them to live up to their potential.  All of us are looking at the tail end of the summer, and whether or not the school year affects you, this time of year can be a bit of a downer.

That means you have an excellent reason to treat yourself with Irish gifts.  You can add a little extra comfort and pleasure to your day without splashing out on big luxuries.  We all need a little quiet time to ourselves, and never more than after a busy summer.  What’s nicer in the autumn than curling up with a cup of tea and a good book?  Better still, you can do it Irish style. 

  1. Tea for One!  Making tea in a cup is just not acceptable to many Irish people.  Proper tea is made in a pot.  But do you have to dirty a big tea pot to make one cup for yourself?  No – you can get a sweet little set of a tea pot and cup.  The pot is small enough to nestle into the cup.  It takes having your own special mug to the next level.  A shamrock design gives it just the right look.
  2. Enjoy Irish Authors!  Ireland is famous for our literary heritage.  From the Cattle Raid of Cooley to James Joyce to Maeve Binchy, Irish literature spans centuries and genres.  Whether you enjoy classic literature or sweet romances or modern mysteries, you’ll find an Irish author to whisk you off in an afternoon of page-turning escapism.
  3. Stay Cozy!  This is the tail end of summer, and before long the days will start to grow cooler and shorter.  Add some luxurious warmth (and Celtic style) to your cozy afternoon with a beautiful Merino wool throw blanket.  Curl up on the porch swing or in your favorite armchair with a big, soft blanket, and you’ll be perfectly snug. Merino wool is something very special.  It’s incredibly soft, yet the Merino sheep live in cold, mountainous areas happily because their amazing wool protects them from the elements.

We can’t escape the end of summer, at least not unless we move below the equator!  But we can make the most of autumn with a bit of self-care and me-time.  an enchanting book and a wee pot of tea.  Making time in your schedule to relax and nurture yourself is more than just a nice idea.  It’s important for our health.  Life is so frantic today and the pressures so great that our health can be compromised if we don’t find ways to relax and unwind.   Step out of your everyday world and into the best of Ireland’s laid back lifestyle with a few wee Irish gifts. One of the first online retailers in Ireland. Selling Irish Gifts to the US, Canada and worldwide since 1997. Over 2000 products available including Irish and Celtic Jewelry, Clothing, Coat of Arms and Family Crests, Personalized Irish Gifts, Irish Pub decor and much more. Working with top Irish brands such as Solvar Jewelry, Belleek Potter, Guinness, Carraig Donn, Mulligar Pewter and Jimmy Hourihan Capes.